Fourth Street Design Studio was formed in 1974 as a sole proprietorship architecture and planning firm, and was incorporated in 1987.  The studio is located on the Eastport peninsula in Annapolis  providing design services for both residential and commercial projects throughout the Annapolis-Baltimore-Washington, D.C. areas and commercial projects as widespread as Boston, New York, Chicago, Beaufort, NC and San Diego.  I am the principal architect of the firm and employ two associate architects, one technician, and an office manager.  We use the services of professional consultants for our mechanical and electrical engineering, landscape architecture, interior design, and cost accounting requirements.  Our consultants have worked with us for many years and participating as part of an experienced design team.

Our design practice is based on our ability of finding unique solutions to planning and architectural problems.   We are not limited to any particular type or style of architecture.  Our projects have ranged from intricate reconstructions of private homes in historic districts to large commercial structures.  With each set of problems posed, the solutions are styled to suit the client’s program and aesthetics.  We depend on our clients to work closely with us to define the functional, aesthetic and economic objectives.  Our approach to projects is to make our client an active participant in the design process.

Gary S. Schwerzler

Photos above are projects currently under construction in the Historic District of Annapolis.


222 King George St.

1 Shipwright Street

207-211 Duke of Gloucester St.

123 Main St.

33 East St.

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